Star Trek Catan with expansion maps Federation space.

You may think it’s just Catan in Star Trek theme but it’s not. Not completely anyway. But it does have a similarities with the regular Catan as you may find out in our review. But there are also some differences, more Star Trek based. ;)

The setup is very easy: For the base game: you shuffle the tiles without the asteroid field and put them randomly on the table with the asteroid  field   in the middle. Then you put the outline around it. You also put the number tokens on the board at random. The Klingon cruiser  goes on the asteroid field.

Each player chooses a color he wants to play with and takes all the pieces. (7 space stations, 4 bases and 15 starships) Two of the space stations are put aside, you’ll get one back when you upgrade a space station to a base and the same for the second one. Each player also gets a little board with the costs printed on it to build or buy a development card.


Start of the first round: the start player puts one starship and one space station on the board and then in clockwise order every player gets to do the same. After this the player who placed his pieces last can now place the second pieces first then he will receive the resources of the planets his second space station is connected to. After every player has  done this (in counter clockwise order) they will all get a character card with the A side up. The first player gets A1, the second A2 and so on .

The resources are: Tritanium, Food, Oxygen, Dilithium and Water.

So now let’s start playing. ;) The first player rolls the dice and resources will be gathered from the planets with that number on it. If it is a 7 you put the Klingon cruiser on a planet and you can draw a card from a player who has a space station there. If more  than one player you may choose which player.  Now you can build or buy a development card , pay the needed resources and place the piece(s) on the board.  If you have a development card you can play one in your turn .

You can also trade: You can trade with other players, ask them if they want to trade one of your goods for something you need. Or you can use trading post, here it’s 3 for 1 or 2 of the same type for 1 of your choice ( this is shown on the board ).

You can also use a character card for what it says on the card. If you do you can flip the card to its B side or choose another card and put it in front of you with the A side up. So you can use a character twice if you like. And they are very good, all of them. But you have to use the card once if you want to take another one.

The game goes on until someone has 10 points. What can give you points: a space station 1, a base 2, the longest route 2, the largest fleet 2 and there are also development cards that give you points.

If you play with one of the expansion maps: you need to put victory tokens on the board at the provided spaces and each player chooses a scoring board and the matching marker for it. You place the marker at 2 points.


The rest of the setup is the same as in the base game. The only difference is the places you can build your space stations. There are printed markers on the boards where you can build a station, the routes are for your ships. So sometimes you have to build 3 ships  before you can build a station. But that is what makes this expansion board so interesting.


There are also spots where there are point tokens on it. If you build a ship next to it you get that token and put your point marker 1 space further. 

The rest of the gameplay is the same as the base game. Only now the board looks different and the trading posts are also on different places. 


Well I love this version of Catan, and  I love Star Trek. It is a great game and it plays very nice. The artwork is great and the components look amazing. I like playing with the expansion more than  with the base game because the maps make it more challenging to get the resources you need and build you space stations. It makes it more fun to play when you can only build on the printed spaces on the board. This is just an awesome idea they had. I love it. Also the extra point spaces on the board are nice. I had built my ships next to 4 of them. ;)If you want something different than  a regular Catan I would recommend this game. It’s really a good solid game and it has the Star Trek theme all over it. The character cards make it even more amazing. They have wonderful abilities and they are characters everyone knows from the original series.

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