Dark tales with expansion Snow White

Dark tales is a wonderful cardgame from dvGiochi.

For the setup you need to do some preparation. There are 3 A and B cards in the base game (setting cards) and 1 A and B card in the expansion, and 48 playing cards in the base game, 24 in the expansion. For the setup you have to select 1 A and 1 B card. The A card shows which items may be used during the game and what their effect will be. The B card shows which items are worth victory points at the end of the game. If you play with the expansion you play with 3 setting cards, you replace the B1 card form the base game with the B1 from the expansion and you use the A card from the expansion as well. So you will have 2 A cards and 1 B card.


After you have created your setting you put one of the night cards on the table face up. Shuffle the deck and give every player 3 cards. The rest of the deck goes next to the night card.

On your turn you can do the following in order:

  • Draw a card
  • Play one item
  • Play a card

If you play an item you have to look at the A card to see what it does.

When you play a card you have to look at the symbol at the bottom left. There are 3 symbols: a character shape, 2 cards or 3 cards on top of each other. The cards with a character shape play in front of you, the cards with the 2 card symbol are played in the common area (next to the night card) and those with 3 cards on top of each other are discarded after playing them.

When you play a card you get points equal to the number listed on the top left. These points are kept secret. Items you get are placed face up.

There are 5 different types of cards in the game: Male, Female, Villain, Place and Event. These symbols are found in the middle of the card right above the textbox.

After the draw deck runs out you keep playing until one of the players has no cards in his hands at the beginning of his turn which ends the game. At the end of the game you look at the B card and count your victory tokens to see how many points you have scored. As usual the player with the most points wins the game.

I love this game. The artwork is great and it’s a good quality game. When you play with the expansion it adds so much more to the game. I had all the evil queen cards, lucky me. ;) When you have her you can take the poisoned apple (there is only 1) so no one else can get it. And if you have her multiple times you can take the other items too so the other players can’t use them. :) Ok now I sound like the evil queen. ;) But it is so much fun to play. Even Snow White is a good card to have she and the prince give each other points when they are in play. In play does not have to be in your play area, it can even be with another player or in the middle. This is the same for discarding a card in play, you can discard one from another player preventing them from getting points each turn from the card ability. ;)

Keep playing games :)