Klask is a 2 player dexterity game created by Mikkel Bertelsen. In this game you are trying to be the first player to score six points by use of your own skill of the game.

Setup of this game is really easy. The playing field comes pre-assembled in the box. You place the three white magnets in the center of the table in the white circles with their grey side up. You place both score markers at the zero mark. Each player assembles its game piece by placing the top half on top of the board and the bottom half under the board until the magnets connect. The youngest player starts the game by placing the ball in one of the corners on his half. Now you are ready to play KLASK.


The one thing you need to do in this game is to score points and this can be done in four different manners. The first manner is by getting the ball in the opposite hole. The second way to score a point is when your opponent has two of the white magnets sticking to him. Another way to score a point is when your opponent performs a Klask. This happens when you accidentally move your gaming piece into your own hole. The last manner to score a point is when your opponent loses his gaming piece. This means that his top half is no longer connected to his bottom half.


This goes on until one player has six points and wins the game.

As you can tell from the short explanation it is not a difficult game to play. This is really one that you can get out and start playing immediately. The components of the game are top notch and they have even included a spare ball and magnets, so if you would lose one of those or the dog gets away with one you can still keep playing the game. On the bottom there is a divider which prevents you from getting your stick to the opponent’s half. All these little things show that they have put a lot of effort in the game to deliver a sweet product. The first few times you will simply try to hit the ball and get it to the other side but after a while you will start to aim and try to get your opponent in a difficult situation, like always trying to hit the ball to a location where a magnet is thus forcing him to get out of his way and not pick up a magnet. The magnets are a great find. They get bounced around and sometimes flip over and when they do that they no longer attract but push off which gives a nice twist. The game is simply fun for everyone and the best action dexterity game I played in a while and it won’t break your wallet.

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